European Week of Sport in the Rhythm of Health

European Week of Sport in the Rhythm of Health

European Week of Sport originated intending to develop sport and physical activity and is celebrated in countries across Europe, through sports and educational events. Rhythm of Health reminds all fellow citizens to be physically active because it brings many benefits.

Physical activity is one of the best and most effective ways to preserve and improve our health, especially if it is done in the fresh air!

Regular physical activity will:

– Reduce the risk of several diseases (type II diabetes, obesity, CV diseases…)

– Improve your blood count and strengthen your immunity

– Improve your concentration and ability to work

– Raise your level of self-confidence and self-satisfaction

– Fight depression

– Alleviate the consequences of dementia

There is clear evidence of a link between the volume (amount) of moderate to high-intensity physical activity every week and health benefits!

Thus, moderately active people (30 to 40 minutes a day) have significant positive effects on health, while people who are physically inactive (less than 20 minutes a day) can have negative effects on health!

To maximize the benefits of exercise, you should take into account:

– Frequency (how often)

– Intensity (how strong)

– Duration (how long) and

– Type (what type) of activity

See suggestions for exercises at this link.

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