A Playful Picnic in Rumenka

A Playful Picnic in Rumenka

This Friday, on October 9, from 11 am to 2 pm, the Playful Picnic will be held in the open court in Rumenka.

Playful Picnic primarily includes educational, sports and fun activities intended for young people. In the first part, the emphasis is on the workshop aimed at the importance of physical activity for young people’s health. The second part is accompanied by interactive games of knowledge and skills, through which participants have fun, socialize, and learn something about healthy lifestyles.

In addition to the teams from the “Sveti Sava” school and the “Jedinstvo” football club, which will compete against each other, the invitation is also open to all fans. Team applications are also possible via email at office@ritamzdravlja.org.

Playful Picnic aims to familiarize young people and all fellow citizens with topics and information that can significantly affect the quality of their lives. The program is carried out by the Rhythm of Health team, experts in the field of sports, proper nutrition, environmental protection, and organic production.

The Playful Picnic is part of the program in the project “Let’s have a picnic” which is implemented by the Rhythm of Health Association, within the program “Novi Sad – European Youth Capital 2019”. The lead partner of the program, which was declared a project of national importance, is the Youth Association “Novi Sad Youth Capital of Europe – OPENS.”

Considering the situation with COVID-19, all necessary protection and security measures prescribed by the Government of Serbia will be respected.

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