Rhythm of health takes you to the Exit festival

Rhythm of health takes you to the Exit festival

Do you want to go to the best music festival in Europe? If your answer is YES, get ready for a great prize game!

The Rhythm of Health will be at the fortress again this year and will promote healthy lifestyles together with young people. If you want to join us and listen to your favorite artists, here is what you need to do:

   Follow us on Instagram and Facebook

   Take a picture! It can be a selfie from a walk in the park, a gym in the open air, or while having lunch, all that matters is to show that you are eating healthy, exercising and taking care of your health.

   Share the photo on your profile with the hashtag #ritamzdravljamevodinaexit

That is all! The lucky winners will be drawn on Tuesday, July 2, and the results will be published on our website, Facebook page and Instagram. Be creative and good luck!

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