Rhythm of health in the panel discussion “Plant-based nutrition, trend or choice of the future”

Rhythm of health in the panel discussion “Plant-based nutrition, trend or choice of the future”

A panel discussion entitled “Plant-based nutrition, trend or choice of the future” was held at the National Library in Kikinda, and the topic was the diet that the World Health Organization recommends in the future, both for athletes and for other citizens who care about their health. Organizers and lecturers who come from the “Rhythm of Health” Asoociation, the “Health in the palm of your hand” Association, and from the Institute for Medical Research in Belgrade, announced lectures in other cities in Serbia, such as Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Niš.

The role of plant-based nutrition in the everyday life of athletes and non-athletes was pointed out at the panel discussion. Every sport requires a different orientation in nutrition, energy needs and different performances that need to be met, Dr. Tatjana Jezdimirović, President of the “Rhythm of Health” Association, stated the following:

– Research shows that easily obtainable information, to which social networks have certainly contributed, is very often not true. Today, we are talking about scientifically proven and empirically verified facts related to plant-based nutrition, both among the population and among physically active people and athletes. We dispel myths like those that not all essential amino acids can be ingested through a plant-based diet, that such a diet leads to an excessive intake of carbohydrates, that athletes cannot achieve top results by eating in this way and the like. It is interesting to note that in endurance sports, some athletes deliberately opt for this diet to improve their performance.”

Dr. Jelena Milešević, from the Institute for Medical Research in Belgrade, gave comprehensive information about plant-based nutrition and its advantages, but also disadvantages. Dr. Milešević also informed those present that the Institute is currently conducting a large national study on eating habits, which includes 3,000 respondents and, among other things, deals with the nutrition of special groups such as vegetarians. She also made those present think about dedicating a few days a week or a month to plant-based nutrition, and that the reasons for that can be found in preserving the environment, health, etc.

Plant-based nutrition, trend or choice of the future?

The people of Kikinda had the opportunity to listen to their fellow citizen Dr. Goran Abraham, President of the Association “Health in the palm of your hand” who pointed out that the essence of this panel discussion is to draw a parallel between the people that consume the usually available food and the ones that choose a plant-based diet. Dr. Abraham also appealed to his fellow citizens to take care of their health and to attend panel discussions such as this one in the future.

The crowded room of the National Library “Jovan Popović” in Kikinda shows how much citizens are interested in topics related to improving their health, which is the ultimate goal of cooperation between these associations and the Institute. Plant-based nutrition, as well as other topics from healthy areas of healthy lifestyles, will be the topic of other lectures held in cities in Serbia.

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