Rhythm of Health at Lorist fair

Rhythm of Health at Lorist fair

On Saturday, October 5, at the Rhythm of Health stand at the Lorist fair, a lecture on health tourism was held, as well as a competition in cooking healthy meals.

Dr. Vuk Garača from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Dr. Radmila Ivošević, the owner of the Dental Hub practice, spoke at the lecture about health tourism.

From his teaching experience, Dr. Vuk Garača, from the Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hospitality, singled out the most interesting aspects of travel and explained that any relocation from the environment in which we live, be it a trip to Fruška Gora Mountain, city break or going to the seaside, is a type of health tourism.

“Health tourism is not just going to the spa. In every trip, we have elements of health tourism, because the change of the environment from which we come and in which we spend most of our time, has a positive effect on the physical and mental state of a person. That is why it does not matter whether we go to another city, to the mountains or the seaside. The change of environment and routine means a lot to every person. “

Dr. Radmila Ivošević, on the other hand, spoke about dental tourism, which is on the rise in Serbia. Her experiences and examples from dental practice show that this branch of tourism has great potential, and it all started with the diaspora.

“Dental tourism is booming, and it has all began when the people from our country who live abroad started coming. They had realized the service here is of the same quality as anywhere in Europe because dentists use the same materials and methods, but in our country, it is at prices that are 10-15 times cheaper. Especially when it comes to dental prosthetics and dental implants. Furthermore, while you are in Novi Sad and Serbia, you can visit all the sights, so you come here for a nice smile and a good time! ”

At 12 o’clock, the competition in cooking healthy meals began under the slogan “Cook in the Rhythm of Health”, and the recipes were chosen from the cookbook Let’s have a picnic.

Four teams competed in two rounds, and the best two moved on to the finals. An expert jury gave grades, and points were obtained based on the presentation of the dish, its nutritional value and, of course, taste. The jury consisted of Dr. Tatjana Jezdimirović, Dr. Jelena Milešević from the Institute for Medical Research, CENM, and Executive Sous Chef, Aleksandar Bućan. The audience also gave their opinion, cheering for the teams and their favorites in the finals. The winners of the competition won prizes, as well as an invitation for a big picnic, which will be held on October 16 to mark World Food Day.

The winning team included Borislav Poleksić and Nenad Berić, who were two points better than the team whose members were Stefan Lazarević and Radmila Ivošević. The second-placed team had the help of nine-year-old Jovana Bojić.

Many thanks to all the participants in the competition, lecture attendees, the audience, as well as OPENS.

See you on October 16 at 20 Radnička Street, Novi Sad. Take part in a great competition of cooking healthy meals, register your team by e-mail office@ritamzdravlja.org and celebrate October with us – the month of proper nutrition.

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