Health for everyone

Health for everyone

This year’s World Health Day was held under the slogan “Primary health care – the basis of universal health care coverage”, and the organizers of the event in Novi Sad were the Secondary Medical School “7. April” and the Rhythm of Health Association, which is also part of the OPENS program (Youth Capital of Europe Novi Sad).

On that occasion, on Monday, April 8, 2019,  a “Health Bazaar” was held in the park near the Medical School.

At the Health Bazaar, all fellow citizens, free of charge, have tested and measured various health parameters such as blood pressure, fat percentage, body mass index, blood sugar and the like. In addition to testing and measuring, visitors were able to talk to experts in the fields of medicine, sport science and other complementary fields. They also had the opportunity to find out more about the importance of physical activity in preserving and improving their health.

Dr. med. Olivera Nićiforović-Šurković, head of the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina, gave a lecture on “Healthy Lifestyles” to students of the Medical School. After that, the students competed in Games of Knowledge and Games of Skill, which were organized by the professors of the school and the activists of the “Rhythm of Health” Association.

The head of the Institute of Public Health Dr. med. Olivera Nićiforović-Šurković, director of the Provincial Institute for Sports and Sports Medicine, Dr. Danijel Župić, as well as the principal of the Secondary Medical School “7. April”, Đorđe Iskrin, attended the opening of the event

Partners and organizers of the event:

  Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina

  Red Cross of Novi Sad

  Preventive health center of Novi Sad 

  Provincial Institute for Sports and Sports Medicine

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