World Day of Physical Activity with The Rhythm of Health celebrated online

World Day of Physical Activity with The Rhythm of Health celebrated online

Rhythm of Health, together with the students of the Medical School “7. April” and professors Jelica Mijanović, Dalibor Bokan, and Zoran Antonić, celebrated the World Day of Physical Activity. Due to of the state of emergency because of the pandemic, the class where the lecturers were members of the Rhythm of Health team was held online. Dr. Tatjana Jezdimirović and Bojan Bakić talked to the students about the importance of physical activity for health, after which they exercised.

Dr. Jezdimirović began the lecture with a story about the beginnings of celebrating May 10 and the initiative of the World Health Organization launched in 2002 to mark this date as the day of physical activity.

The students got involved by answering the question of why physical activity is important, after which the discussion continued. They discussed the lack of movement during curfew, but also other problems of reduced physical activity, which occurred due to the state of emergency.

As prospective health professionals, students quickly enumerated the many benefits that physical activity brings, such as:

   prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases

   prevention of depression and melancholy

   weight control

   strength and fitness development

   proper growth and development of children

   stress relief

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Jezdimirović spoke about the recommendations of the World Health Organization, according to which every healthy person should have 150-300 minutes of aerobic activity or 75 minutes of high-intensity activity per week, as well as strength and flexibility exercises to improve health.

After the theoretical part, we moved on to the practical part of this online class, where Bojan Bakić demonstrated the exercises and motivated the students to do several physical fitness tests. The tests included maintaining balance, shoulder girdle mobility, flexibility, and endurance. You can try them as well! Find all the warm-ups, tests, and exercises at this link.

The goal of marking May 10 is to motivate the population to engage in physical activity.

Get moving with the Rhythm of Health!

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