Rhythm of Health organizes a PICNIC

Rhythm of Health organizes a PICNIC

Rhythm of Health invites you to a PICNIC – socializing in the yard of the Natural History Museum on World Food Day, on October 16. Together with Urbani povrtari (Urban nurserymen), Rhythm of Health is organizing a day dedicated to healthy lifestyles in an urban environment.

In a beautiful, open space at 20-22a Radnička Street, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, a quiz and other activities dedicated to health, plants, ecology, nature protection, and of course – healthy eating will be held. You can see the detailed schedule here, and the program directed by Rhythm of Health will take place according to the following timetable:

11:00 PREPARING FOR PICNIC – spreading blankets, organizing sports and recreational activities.

12:00 ABCs OF PROPER NUTRITION AND PREPARATION OF HEALTHY MEALS – workshops for high school students.

12:00 – IN NATURE FOR HEALTH – How to spend an active holiday in the protected natural assets of Vojvodina – interactive educational workshop at the Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province ( Natural History Museum). Facilitator: Dr. Oliver Fojkar.

13:00 COMPETITION IN PREPARING HEALTHY MEALS – competition of 10 teams of high school students. See the propositions here. You can browse through the whole cookbook on our website in the projects section. Before the competition, find out all about the possible recipes.

14:00 PICNIC – Enjoying healthy food, nature, sports, and recreational activities. In the workshop HUG A TREE, the distinguished Dr. Gorana Isailović will clarify why contact with nature is important. While nutritionist and dietitian Milijana Šarac will explain the advantages and disadvantages of INSTANT DIET.

20:00 PANEL DISCUSSION “PLANT-BASED NUTRITION – TREND OR CHOICE OF THE FUTURE” – a lecture on the diet that the World Health Organization recommends in the future to both athletes and other citizens who care about their health. The panel discussion will be held at Spens in the OK Club. Admission is free, and the lecturers are top experts in the field of nutrition and sports – Dr. Jelena Milešević from the Center of Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism, Dr. Goran Abraham from the Association “Health in the palm of your hand” and Dr. Tatjana Jezdimirović, President of Rhythm of Health Association.

All the activities of Rhythm of Health are being carried out by Dr. Tatjana Jezdimirović, Dr. Jelena Milešević, Dr. Goran Abraham, MSc Natasa Živanović, Jelica Mijanović, Aleksandar Bućan, Jovan Marković, and volunteers.

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