Cook in the Rhythm of Health

Cook in the Rhythm of Health

Come to the International Fair of Tourism, Sports, Hunting, Fishing and Ecology – Lorist on Saturday, October 5 and find our stand.

There, from 10 am to 3 pm, a smiling Rhythm of Health team will be waiting to guide you through all the events – there will be a competition in cooking healthy meals, and you will be able to attend lectures on the importance of health tourism for Serbia. You can see the entire schedule and detailed timetable on the fair website.

The competition in cooking healthy meals, from our cookbook, which you can see here, will be held from 12:00 to 13:00. The competition is planned for four teams, and the recipes will be chosen on the spot. The two best teams go to the finals, and the expert jury will evaluate the dishes based on clear criteria:

– Presentations (the way the dish is served)

– Taste

– Nutritional values

You can read the entire rulebook here.

This competition is an overture for World Food Day, which is celebrated on October 16.

May the best team win! Register your team at and we will see you on October 5 at the Novi Sad Fair!

Cook in the Rhythm of Health!

By participating at the Fair of Tourism, the Rhythm of Health Association, which is part of the OPENS program (Youth Capitals of Europe Novi Sad), begins marking the month of proper nutrition. Follow us on social networks and always be up to date with current events!

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